After Your Session
See the blog to see a sneak peak from your session! You can expect to receive your password to view your images in the on-line gallery in a few days. Your images will remain on-line for a while, but not forever. During this time you can share your portraits with family and friends as well as place your order. Orders are placed after full payment for the Session is received.  Print orders take approximately two weeks. Special items such as gallery wrapped canvases can take longer.

Just as a change of attire changes the look for portraits, so does a different location.  Outside? In a park? On a golf course?  In the case of small children, sometimes taking shots in your house is optimal, for the child is comfortable there.  Almost always, family shots are best when shot after 2:00pm when shooting outside. 

High School Seniors: Tell me what you want or what you do for fun. Are you into baseball? Theatre? Choir?  Let us capture the event or help stage it for you. The results are lifetime awards really.  Truly a time stamp of your progress this far in your life. Time estimate for this is 1 hour

Your custom portrait session includes a consultation in which we will collaboratively come up with the perfect experience for you. You will receive information to guide you through the entire process, help you decide what to wear, and how to prepare for the shoot.

Outdoor portraits are generally scheduled in the early morning hours or just before sunset. Full sessions generally last around 1-2 hours, depending on type of session and location. Ladies - I urge you to bring  a change of clothes. FYI - a picture in the same setting with different outfits sometimes creates a totally different image - bringing out different features of you.

Maternity:  Moms - you are beautiful. Celebrate it! No you are not ugly, and no you are not fat!! (If I had a nickel for all the times I have said that ... !) Believe this: If you shoot at the end of the second to beginning of the third trimester, something occurs that is special. Weeks 24 to 32 are optimal.  This is a magic time - invariably it is when you the mother looks innocent, vulnerable, beautiful, apprehensive,  happy and strong - all at once.  As they say, “give it a shot”.   This is a custom shot.  Minimum time is estimated at 2.5 hours  Color, Black & White,  Backdrop, anything you want.

Special Events: Parties, Award Banquets, Fund Raisers, Celebrations of achievement - and many other occasions can be Special events. We block a minimum of four hours for this, not including travel time.

Weddings: Weddings are two parts: A Ceremony and a Party!

  • Weddings are not hard, just heavily detailed.
  • We have a specific contract for weddings
    • It lists the particulars that cannot be missed, like who to photograph
    • When to arrive
    • What general pictures are to be taken
  • We agree to the number of photographers, length of time to be there, what type of photo book, how many prints, et al.
  • We agree to other occasions to photo, like the Engagement Party, The Rehearsal, etc.
  • And yes, we can do high resolution, 1080P high resolution movies!

Starting fee  $1,550.

Starting Fee  $300.

Starting fee  $500.

Starting fee  $350.

Starting fee  $150.

Head Shots Only:

  • Up to 30 minutes
  • One outfit/look
  • Unlimited amount of photos
  • On-line proofs of all images
  • One retouched photo in high resolution
  • One 8x10 print

Starting fee  $100.

The Fine Print
Every Session is a custom shot. Some sessions take hours, and some take 1/2 hour. For this reason and many more (such as elements that occur after the shoot, like Sizing, Editing, Framing, ...), all formal quotes will be catered to your needs. As a result, the prices may differ from the estimates listed on this page.  Purchased images will remain on file (that means I will keep them, even if they are no longer on display) for one year.  During that one year period, you may decide to purchase additional prints or enlargements. After that, all images may be discarded.  All images are copyright Chris Brady.

The fact is that the actual setup of a photo session is time consuming (therefore an expensive part of the session).  If we can shoot many people in a similar setting, the price per person drops drastically. So, if you are a High School Senior, and you have 10 or more friends who will gather at the same time, the price can drop to $50 per person. Remember that all these shoots produce 1 8X10” print per person.  This same is true for Church Groups, etc.

Realtors - Head shots for an entire agency is $60 per person, and you get the image and a release to use it at will.