Glamour shots can be suggestive too - and they can have some nudity. The point though is to show that the subject can be (or is) suggestive.  Boudoir shots are intimate even if not nude.  Many maternity shots (especially  nude or semi nude) are Boudoir shots.  But, place the expecting mother  in a sun dress, walking in a open field, and it becomes a Glamour shot.

There are times when  people use the terms Boudoir and Glamour shots, thinking they are the  same.  They are not.  Boudoir is a French word, meaning “A lady’s  private Bedroom or Sitting Room”.   It is a place for intimate activities, and personal discoveries.   Glamour shots are the ultimate portrait that brings out features of the subject that are not normally seen or revealed.    Here’s the key - either of these styles is almost always about women.   Boudoir shots have a tendency to be more truly risque, giving more  opportunity for nudity - whether it is full, partial or implied. 

So - there is a difference.  The interview(s) and discussion(s) before the shoot is crucial. The photographer needs to know - understand - what to look for.  The photographer needs to see the real you.  Many people are not aware of what they want, because they are looking for what they have. 

Color or B&W?  Color has advantages but so does B&W.

B&W can provide stark definition and mystery. 

The subject (client) is trying to discover what other people see - and more often than not, they are looking to prove that what they think they have they really do have.